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Posted Mar 20 2014

New this year, the Squamish Youth Triathlon is introducing a TinyTri event for kids 5 and under who are eager to participate in their first multi-sport event!  This event is un-timed and free of charge.  Tiny triathletes must be accompanied by a parent throughout the entire course.

Each athlete will swim across the shallow end of the pool, from the beach entrance near the lifeguard office, to the west exit (25 m).  Floatation of any sort is allowed, but a parent must be in the pool with each child. 

Bike transition will be on the grass immediately outside the west exit of the pool. Athletes will ride one or two laps of the short, closed bike course in the parking lot (100 - 200m) before returning their bike to transition.  Anything with wheels is OK -- run bikes, big wheels, training wheels or two-wheelers.  Helmets are mandatory.

From transition, athletes will run towards the finish chute and under the arch(90 m) where they will receive their finisher award.  

Distances are approximate, but most Tinies will be able to complete the course in less than 10 minutes.  Course map will become available online in April. 

Registration is open at Karelo.com.  Registration is capped at 30 registrants.

Check in will be between 9 and 10 o'clock on Race Day (May 11) at the Athlete Food Table.  This race is introductory, fun and non-competitive. Emphasis is on "Complete" not "Compete". Every Tiny racer will receive a reward at the finish line.  Older athletes and fans will be asked to line the course and cheer for the Tinies as they race through the course. 

SYT awards to follow the completion of the TinyTri.


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