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Race Info

2019 Race

The 2019 race happens on Sunday, May 5th, 2019. For the second year in a row, it is not on Mother's day. Athletes should be at Brennan Park (1009 Centennial Way) by 8:00. The race begins between 8:50 and 9:30, depending on age, so spectators can show up a bit later. Full details about how Race Day will proceed are on the race day page.

Important Notes

Course Distances

Distances have been modified slightly from previous years. In most cases there has been a slight reduction in run distances to align with TriBC guidlelines.

(Age at Dec 31 in race year)

7 & Under
50m pool swim (2 lengths), 0.8 km bike, 0.5 km run

8-9 years
100m pool swim (4 lengths), 2 km bike, 1 km run

10-11 years
150m pool swim (6 lengths), 4.6 km bike, 1.5 km run

12-13 years
250m pool swim (10 lengths), 8.4 km bike, 2.5 km run

14-15 years
300m pool swim (12 lengths), 8.4 km bike, 4 km run

16+ years
300m pool swim (12 lengths), 12.2 km bike, 5 km run

In each age group, there are categories for Individual Male, Individual Female and Relay Teams: Relay teams are 2 or 3 athletes, and can be male, female or mixed but there is only one overall relay category in each age group; relay team members must all be in the same age category.

There is a separate category for Athletes with a Disability (AWAD) in accordance with Triathlon BC rules - now called Paratriathlon. If you want more information on this, see the Paratriathlon tab on this page. If you want to register in the Paratriathlon category, please contact the race director